E3 Nostalgia: Johnny Xtreme


Before AOOW’s E3 2010 rundown, which I’ll plaster all over the walls of this blog early tomorrow morning, I’d like to share a little piece of nostalgia for those of you who understand the phrase “When G4 was good.”  This term often indicates the station’s exploits during the first half of the 2000’s, during which they aired mainly video game and technology-related programming (as opposed to the Spike-TV-style cop shows and dating schlock that now pads the stuff we really want to watch).  Not only was the programming better, but X-Play featured amusing characters played by producers and writers who worked on the show.  Notable characters included a depressed version of Link from The Legend of Zelda, “Drunk Girl” (played by renowned comic nerd Blair Butler), and Johnny Xtreme, a parody of the adolescent obsession with extreme sports, played by X-Play co-producer Jason Cheung.  The latter’s most infamous appearance was a little visit to E3 in 2005, during which X-Play turned him loose on the show floor to pitch a potential game (starring himself) to unsuspecting developers and booth-watchers.  Enjoy.