The 15 Greatest Women in Video Games

10.  Lucca (Chrono Trigger)

luccaboxart_160wThe brains of one of gaming’s most endearing and beloved power trios, Lucca (not to be confused with the most evil JRPG character ever, whose name is pronounced similarly) is an inventor who ends up catalyzing the entire Chrono duology of games when Marle, a bored princess, uses one of Lucca’s time travel devices to move to the past (the present of the story). Most of Chrono Trigger and its sequel, Chrono Cross, deal with themes of time travel, and while the timeline becomes so convoluted that nobody is even now quite sure about all the details, the heart of the original game is the trio of Marle, Crono, and Lucca, and the heart of that heart is the brainy nerd with the hammer and gun.

Among Lucca’s deeds and talents, aside from being the group’s guiding hand for the use of the Telepods and other time-bending gadgets, many of which she creates herself, is the development of another playable character. Robo, one of the most beloved synthetics in playable media, is brought to life by Lucca’s hand. Is there anything this girl can’t make or fix? Someone this smart has to be stereotypically anti-people, right? Nope. While no one would blame her for wanting to be alone with her work, Lucca knows human behavior so well that she’s usually the one stopping the arguments, and she’s not afraid to lob a heap of snark at anyone who antagonizes the group. But wait – surely someone with Lucca’s skills has to be weak in combat, yeah? Nope. Forget it. No mashable mages on this team. Lucca can devastate enemies with fire magic as well as she can repair a turbine.

Lucca was a breath of fresh air for mid-’90s gaming, when plenty of female characters in these types of games ended up as less interesting versions of Princess Marle – cute, blonde, aggressively heterosexual, and just quirky enough that she doesn’t put anyone off. Lucca is not only hardworking, dedicated, and respected by those who encounter her, but she’s probably attracted plenty of spitballs in her day – she’s a character that an audience is more likely to relate to than fantasize about, and that means something.

In Trigger‘s frustrating sequel, one thing is consistent: Lucca is still making a difference after saving the world about a hundred times. She doesn’t appear in person, but we learn that she opened an orphanage and personally adopted Kid, the heroine of Chrono Cross, who grows up to be the most driven and loyal character in the game’s next generation. So another Lucca, basically.




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