Richard H. writes fiction, educates America’s youth, won a literature prize, earned an MFA in Writing, made a roleplaying game about literature, and runs the comedic/literary web series Slushpile.

This blog will remain active as long as it is fun for Richard to maintain it.


  1. This blog will be very interesting and no doubt very good. This man should be locked away and charged with uncannily awesome writing. Sit down, strap in, and read on.

  2. Hey Richard,

    It was mentioned on fb that there are no copies of ‘Wings over Arda’ for sale anymore. Would it be possible you upload it to yt, or share with me through wetranfer.com? I’ve been waiting for adaptations of the silmarillion since I was 11! You can contact me on promethalus@live.nl.

    Gratefully yours,


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