Deuteragonists (video game)

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Deuteragonists is a sarcastic, self-aware roleplaying game wherein a player of any gender (ANY!) plays a writer with writer’s block who must rebuild a library and restore its inhabitants by traversing six unique provinces and collecting 100 works of literature.  Along the way, the writer examines the very nature of narrative itself while forming relationships with authors of the past, characters from classic lit, historical/folk characters of the world, and even former protagonists of this very story.  The game was created using the independently developed Avatar Legends builder.


  • full RPG system with leveling, attribute points, weapons, shields, magic, and special abilities
  • multitudes of player choice allow the player to mold the world as they see fit and bolster replay value
  • multiple endings
  • customizable library hub
  • play as your Xbox Live avatar and have the game recognize your gender, writing genre, and moniker
  • appearances by authors such as Virginia Woolf, Herman Melville, Emily Dickinson, and Geoffrey Chaucer; and historical/folk characters such as John Henry and Elizabeth Killigrew
  • opening lines of famous novels, poems, and short stories
  • “appraisal” system allows new ways of earning in-game gold, and “crafting” system allows the player to construct useful tools, healing items, and weapons
  • encounters with pirates, vampires, witches, and more

To play, download the Avatar Legends builder from the Xbox Indie marketplace, add NerfHerder XX as a friend, open the game, and select “Download friend’s world” during a download window (to accomplish this, contact me here and set an appointment).  Once the game is downloaded, reboot your Xbox (important!).  Open the game,  select “play,” choose “Deuteragonists,” then “Normal,” and dive in.

Download the Deuteragonists Strategy Guide, which includes a full walkthrough, character bios, item locations, and trivia.

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